Thursday, July 06, 2006

Analyzing Dreams: Truth of Dare?

When I was a kid, my parents often told me that dreams are the exact opposite. At first, I took on my experiences in this notion, since parents are the most trusted people who would not fib or make up stories just to create the usual kid’s fantasies that we usually know parents would make up so as to keep us in our stage of growth. Superstitious may be part of it as well, but the heck, what is there to lose when you are a kid when you are still leaning on the support of your parents right?

These memories often become my point of reference when I want to analyze dreams. But lately, some of my dreams, especially the horrible ones which I can call nightmares, haunt me and make me think on whether I have this knack for telling what the future holds or what lies ahead for me. Not to boast, but I often find myself making bold predictions and statements to which majority have come true. It becomes a point where I would rather shut up and let fate have its way on my life. Some would say I am crazy, but just the same, I know myself better and the things that I have been through. Young as what most people would say, I feel I am in my latter stage of life, but confused as well, because I feel that I have to mature faster than the usual life cycle.

Another aspect is that of their consistency as far as the person in my dream and that of my relationship with them. I would usually dream of them on consecutive days which really gives me the creeps. But unlike when I was a child, I don’t look forward to dreams as much, perhaps because I have decided to make myself busy by doing various things simultaneously, leaving less room for idle time. It is no secret that my current status is rare, and not to show-off, in reality being chosen over a mother to stay with is indeed a privilege and an honor. This warms the heart a lot, although admittedly I am not the mushy type. It takes so much to allow tears to drop from my eyes and the last time tears dropped was when I graduated from Ateneo my MBA degree. Well, I guess we just have to wait and see what dreams may come. There is nothing definite for a dream, and no basis for interpretation on my end. All I can say is that
fate has its reasons and I and most of us, should be prepared for whatever tomorrow has in store for us.

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