Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Guiding Light towards Maturity

Guidance and control are among the things that most parents need to provide their children nowadays. The common knowledge of most kids of today is far more advanced compared to what I went through centuries ago. The manner of living, their beliefs, socializing functions are entirely much more liberated. If I compare this with the time I had with my folks, I would probably shock them and given them heart problems back then.

Well, changing times mean changing lives as well. The traditions and habits of most people of today are truly different. Some people would want their kids to grow mature and responsible. But take it from me, being technically a single father is no easy task. I try to treat it as mature as I can so that my daughter can be able to face life more positively and responsibly. For sure, all the things that she is doing right now will never be tolerated by her former mom, well basing it on experience that is. But I am happy that she knows her limits and I just hope it sticks.

Friends will be around for us, and this is perhaps why I don’t control much of choosing her friends. I let her be the judge, and well, I am only there to guide her and make sure she doesn’t fall into what I experienced. I have had so called friends before, but each disappear when the time arises. While I have handled them with tough times, it really becomes a gauge on how far friends will go for you, maybe even stand in front of a bullet for you. I have countable friends who would do it for me, and I hope she has more than just a handful to do the same for her. Besides, a father cannot be the only one in a child’s life especially after a mother abandons them. Friends and relatives are always their to fill the slack and I will just be around to make sure she pushes all the right buttons.

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