Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Father's Day Message

Father’s day will always be known as a day to give due recognition to the fathers all over the world, both separated and not. Well, bottom line is, where would most of us be today if it were not for the Man of the House or so they say.

As I keep on telling myself, I tend to prefer being different above the rest. While it is no secret that most fathers of today may be considered extreme good dads to their children, the same may not be true if a husband is to be brought up. The level of expectancy for men today is like no other. Aside from being the acclaimed bread winners, they are expected to bring home the bacon and ensure that all their family’s needs are met. Never mind about emotional stress or concerns, men are always considered to take on such issues without problems and issues. But as they say, not all can be considered under this turf.

Father’s are usually the less known parents when it comes to their relationship with their children. Usually, it is the mother’s who provide all the needs and the interactions while fathers are off at work. If you ask me, I consider this quite unfair in the sense that not all the efforts and things that a dad can provide can truly be appreciated and in the end, should an impending break up between two people occur, the usual recourse is that children would prefer to be with their moms.

My case is different in a way. I have my daughter to me and the funny thing is I did not even give her an ultimatum. It was her choice and I had in no way persuaded her to stay with me. A lot has transpired with my former, most of which I have not yet gotten over, but if it was what I was destined to do, then I should just accept it and move on. On the low point, technically, I am still married and I consider myself used material, especially when it comes to looking for a partner. Perhaps this is one aspect that has lead me to somehow give up and emphasize on providing my daughter her needs and simply go for personal goals and achievements.

If there is one thing that I am sure of, I will not turn my back on my sibling. I am never known to be the type to turn my back on people I care and love but as long as they need them, I shall give it to them. For the people who do not understand, they don’t have to. Life is as free as it gets. I will never kneel and ask for their understanding as long as I know I am doing my part in this world. But one thing that is for sure, a father needs character and to hide emotional breakdowns and show that they are man enough to face the world is enough to show that people who take on the world by themselves without having to explain why they do so, are men that should be given the proper citation.

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