Tuesday, April 04, 2006

True Great Leaders, Politics and Honor

It takes a great person to admit his guilt, bow his head, and slowly stay out of the limelight. This is one thing that most people have a hard time doing, especially people who have been accustomed to a certain lifestyle or have been empowered. The reason? Shame? Afraid of Humiliation? While it is true that such may be evident, it is something what will have to be faced eventually. There is no escaping such things, and continuously fighting for something that is obviously pointless will lead to aggravate the situation, not to mention the credentials of the people. Unless of course they are likened to some people who are in the local political scene of this once great country, from the president down towards the political figures, may God have mercy on their souls. It is better to have a clear conscience than cheating people. Oh did I say cheating people? I got plenty of those from my personal life to the social life. Well, life goes on for me and while they may have put one over me, sad to say, I couldn’t care less.

I have a mission to fulfill, and till my last drop of blood and sweat, I will abide by it. I know I am no superman, but maximizing the effort for all my aspirations, these are only for a certain extent and not to aim for worldwide fame and fortune. I am already blessed with a good daughter and family, three best friends coming from different educational ventures, and the rest, well, I don’t know for now, maybe eventually they will be closer to me.

A partner you say? Hmmm. Tough question, but if I were to answer that at this moment, still nothing and I guess unless I feel that magic of having someone outside my daughter again, I guess it will remain that way. There are some around, but they may be summed up to show different calculations and misconceptions, hence if they feel the same way, I will know if it was really meant to be. One thing more, I do not want to presume anymore and just want to plainly be myself

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