Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Poison of Money cured by Ambitious Children

Surprisingly, gone are the days of nobleness and loyalty. Yes money can buy anything right now. No legal issues involved. Think about how money plays its role here, you give out money to spend for a grand wedding, you spend money to impress people, and you also spend money to resort to legal cases as annulment, legal separation and maybe divorce if it was existent in the Philippines.

Today, handling things should disregard emotional effects. Once you let emotions come in, you will automatically lose. Wearing a poker faced mask, well some people have no problem in it, especially when they are able to buy the relatives and people around. The modern day hero, simple, and reserved who believes in aiming for heights the traditional and professional way would choose not to follow and get himself entangled to a web of mischief and uncertainty, adding woes to an already emotionally stressed track record.

Well maybe not all is lost. A promising future, advanced knowledge, friends around (well maybe not all the time, I can only name three immediately), and a burning passion for success and fulfillment. All other than this, well, they mean nothing for now.

Will I marry again? Not now for sure. Life is complicated enough as it is and having my daughter adjust to a new partner may not be fair. Regardless if she denies it, it is still different being with your real mother. But I am proud of my daughter, although a little bit off track at times, she has proven to be a better person under my tutelage and that alone is an accomplishment. In time I know she will truly learn the meaning and value of life. I just want to see the day that she does so. Perhaps that would be the end of the chapter of my life, a golden one at that, for no one would be more happier, than a father who was once tagged to be irresponsible yet through the accomplishments of his only prized possession is a trophy larger than all my medals and trophies put altogether. Mission Accomplished! --- A matter of time and growing up…

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