Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Path Towards Fulfillment and Success

In my opinion, the best days in the life of a person would be his teenage life. While this would largely depend on how a person is brought up, the transition stage towards maturity to adulthood is the best way to enrich the entire learning process. Having an actual hand on experience, mixing ambition and life experiences molds a person into becoming a mature and independent person for him to be able to tackle life’s wonders.

Along the way, there will be misconceptions and disbeliefs but then again, these are part of the learning process. Building on their confidence, and using their sound judgment to separate the worthy friends and allies from typical users is something that anyone should learn. While there is no harm in providing trust to anyone whom they get into contact with, the price of being rejected or being torn down will always be common.

The path of anyone should never be scripted. For the people who want to see them fall, well, it will still depend on the person on how he is able to cope up with the challenge. Worthy or not, no one can lead their life to perfection other than the person himself.

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