Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chin Chin Power Bits Sports Drink is Here!

What a day! Tiring is an understatement but to have people act leisurely despite the presence of their superior, namely me, is something that prepares me for a day that will surely be forgettable and stressful.

I had two containers come in today and I must admit I was excited because the Chin Chin Power Bits Sports Drink had arrived! Unfortunately I was not happy with the labeling, lacking in glare and not attractive to the eyes of a buyer. Second, the posters I had made were not there…DAMN!

I wasted an entire day, directing people to make it fast and surely they will get an earful from me tomorrow. Good thing that I didn’t have Vanessa join me, otherwise I would have really been pissed. Add to this that I have been feeling dizzy the whole day, well because I am trying to cut down and lose some weight because I am not comfortable with my weight now. Hopefully after some weeks I will be back in form. Besides, I have a couple of leagues to play in AGAIN!

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