Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Changing Times, Changing Guards

Accepting defeat, living on your own and facing the worst, these are the problems I have chosen to face. I should have known better than to ask for help from people I thought would be able to help, but regardless, I already knew beforehand that I had an uphill battle to which I am ready to face. Even some years back, I already expected this, always wanting to do things my way, facing them in the manner I deemed fit. Not even a superhero can have the guts to face these problems alone, both mentally and psychologically. Besides, they have their own problems, and much as I do have my own, I still manage a simple grin or smile to hide them away.

I have been carrying a load, I still reminisce about old time my daughter and I had a complete family. But money does change everything and who can blame anyone from enjoying life by resorting to even the immoral deeds. Even if I do have a hard time, knowing I am living a clean life and doing as I was educated is enough for me to be proud of. Most people of today would not value it as much as I do, but given the chance, I would want to stick to the conservative life and pray that these people would stay away from me.

The world is full of users. It is hard to trust anyone you have not tried and tested. Friends will be there but for how long. The valued friends will remain, and in anyone’s heart and mind, they will be able to know. Even if you have 100 friends, only one-tenth of that is sure to be true to you. The other are just there purely to tag along, but to consider them and open up to them your secrets, well, think twice before doing so, because sometimes, worst enemies come from allies that you thought could be trusted.

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