Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Being The Best You Can Be

There will always be yardsticks in life, and comparing ones self with that of others can never be avoided. Such can be seen in sibling rivalries, competitive activities and even in professional undertakings. Trying to outdo each other in any way that they can is simply expected.

Various factors can be considered, and sometimes the level of accomplishment will always vary. The satisfaction that most people would get may not meet the ones set, since it is a given that the bar that is set is always high. But then again, everyone is gifted in a different way, and while these standards may not be enough to meet the ones that are expected, the expectancy level from the individual’s point of view will always be varied and should earn the utmost respect as a sign of professionalism.

Well, for aspirants, the only way to step up is through experience. Not minding people who may not look so highly on people lacking in such, time will come for them to shine. This applies to both personal and professional undertakings, where people will always have a share of disappointments at one point or another. But then again, rejection can be used as a source of power, a weighing point in being able to stand up and improve. With this, the people who consider themselves on top of the world will have to be more cautious, since the longer it is to get to the top, the harder the impact will be when your time will come. For the conservative people, simply staying put, assessing the situation and stepping back is the safest way. Who knows, these may be the next stars to banner appointment, something that may come as a surprise to all ambitious individuals of today.

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