Saturday, April 08, 2006

Basketball, Victory and Goodnight?

Tiring Day! I spent practically 12 hours taking care of the basketball team and doing my duties for our barangay. I was at the basketball court since 12 noon, and helped in managing the team since the opening is coming soon, actually, 2 weeks! Now I really need to cram!

Well, this is something I love to do, and something I vowed to accomplish. I owe it to the kids to build on the sports programs that I have set for the village, and hopefully this will be another banner year like last year when competition was really close and fun. No thanks to some friends who backed off at the last moment for one reason or another, I find myself doing the work even for the other villages! Politics and personal problems geez, its one of those times where people are hard headed and don’t get along.
Guess who is caught in the middle AGAIN! ME! For Crying Out Loud!

Well we won handily for our 3rd straight win in the Mayor’s Cup Tournament here in San Juan.
Impressed with the Midgets Team since I have challenged them to do better because they are the defending champions!
Help from the players in creating a dream team to allow the players to participate in the tournament.
A weird text message from someone who I have no idea of why she suddenly sent me a SMS message on my phone. Well, sweet as it was, she is one of the persons I am trying to avoid. No more heartaches and disappointments, no room for them right now. She has enough friends without me. Harsh am I not? Can you blame me? I have misinterpreted people for many occasions and I choose to stop and move on. It won’t matter to her anyway even if she would know.

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