Monday, January 29, 2007

When Bird’s Fly to the Morning Sun

Keeping an eye on the little things of life can always become amazing at times. Most people dream of being among the clouds and looking down on people after their time has come. However, the thing is, some people just don’t know how to look back at all the good things that people have to offer, only caring about themselves rather than lending or repaying all the efforts and hardships that these people have given them through the years.

No doubt those experiences can become disturbing. It is a matter of caring only for one’s self and neglecting the needs of others, parents and relatives included. There is a fine line between sincerity and the ability of people with regards to providing support and being there once the need arises. But with the evil of money and wealth, people could care less and would rather see a person die rather than cherish their importance and parts in their lives.

Such can be traced towards cultural and ethnic growth. Not all people would have a memorable past but regardless, caring more about your financial capacity and stature has to be a pathetic sight. Imagine an old woman, helpless and motionless. Spending millions just to keep her alive and all you would think about is keeping the money you have for yourself. Let us be more concise, imagine that was your mother or father, would you think twice about wanting to see them alive or dead and just get your inheritance and let them die due to lack of support?

People have varying insights on such. But in such instances, money seems to be worthless if only people would give value towards existence of people who are dear to them regardless of what the past is. Life can not be replaced, money can be earned. So what is the point of comparison between the two if any?

There are people who do not earn much but are willing to help even with nothing in return. Why these people do this is something I can sum up to values. It is not a requirement to give back what you have gotten. It is a matter of putting values into focus. If only the dead can talk, maybe their disappointments can be heard.

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