Friday, January 26, 2007

Shining at the Right Moment

Sit back for a minute and reflect. What if fate was altered and you would find yourself thinking back to your childhood? Would you say that life has dramatically changed and what you have now would be something that you really didn’t bargain for?

Surely, there are a lot of people who have given this some thought. Our lives will always encounter changes in their proper course and this is a reality rather than a fantasy. We may all be in a dream world, but this dream world may not turn out in our favor at times.

Making the best out of what life has to give should always be in our thought. We would all know what to do and why we should do them. There is no right or wrong, only a decision to which we will all abide and respect. We cannot alter the course of our lives nor can we go back to correct the mistakes. But what we can do is make the past our point of reference when we make current and future decisions not only for us, but for our future genes who will carry our name.

Such can be considered a legacy of sorts. We make our own name and we know for a fact to which extent we want ourselves to be in. There are no regrets for the decisions we make. It is something we believe that is right regardless if they are right or wrong in the minds of many. The main thing is doing the right thing at the prime of your life. We only get this opportunity once so we should all abide by it.

People will get hurt by decisions made by others, especially if they are found on the losing end. But this is only temporary. Being hurt and depressed is only normal and a part of life. We may shed a tear or a wide grin. We all have feelings and these are normal reactions. This is nothing to be ashamed of.

But the sun shines in our lives as well. We cannot move on and attend to other parts of our lives without confidence and belief in ourselves. There will always be rumor mongers abound. But this should not be made an excuse for our shortcomings. A person may choose to prove them wrong but in essence it is uncalled for.

What is important is that dreams are guides regardless of the results. Abide by it and stand tall. No one has the right to judge others by mere experience. It is a right instilled to us all. So catch your dreams and makes the right move. You may only have one shot at it in your lifetime.

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