Thursday, October 12, 2006

You Make Me Want to Be A Better Man

With due reference to Mr. Jack Nicholson for his quote in the movie “As Good As It Gets”, I love to keep on saying this to myself, especially when I am around this girl who simply brings fireworks and tranquility whenever we are together. It is quite obvious that I am going nuts over her, and despite my gout problem wherein I have been limping for almost a week now, I still try to shrug it off to be able to see the queen of my dreams. By dreams, this means that this is the only place where I can feel what a true relationship would feel, and how I can show her and take care of her the way I value a woman, tender loving care and affection without bounds.

Funny thing is, this gout dilemma only hurts when I am alone. But once I am with her, nothing else seems to matter. More than just magic, I take comfort in talking to her and sharing a few laughs. That is about it. The girl is with someone else and I am in no way going to instigate the fire for them to separate for my own selfish reasons. Love is not being with the person, it is about seeing her happy. Many would clearly view this act as a sorry act, but I tend to disagree. People who are together but often quarrel and argue about issues that often lead to misunderstandings, my case is totally different. I do not want to assume nor conclude, but overall, where we are now is practically a satisfying point of companionship. Whenever she would need me, I would not hesitate to comply, and most of the time she would just be surprised at how I would oblige even if I had things to do, or am coming from a distant place. I simply reply “Because this is the only time I can be with you. You know how much I look forward to being with you so don’t take it away from me.” She would then keep quiet and pout a while, something I love to see since it makes her cute to my eyes.

One thing that I always want to do, is to have her worry-free. All smiles and comfortable is what I want to see from her when we are together. At the age of 36, we are both in the twilight of our lives and unlike in the yuppie years, life is totally different. We have jobs, priorities and ironically, daughters to look after. The only difference is that she has someone now, who curiously is not around all the time. There are times I would ask what she would be doing on weekends. I find it surprising that most of the time she would just be at home. Weird as it may be for me, I wonder how any guy would not spend time with her the way I would want to.

After telling her how I felt, I admit that I am pleased to see that she never avoided me. It is something I was afraid off and in a way I wonder why. If my intuition serves me correct, it may be what I want it to be. But then again, to jump into conclusions may do more than harm. But then again, I am getting way ahead of our story. Succeeding chapters are yet to be written. Let’s see what the ending holds for me.

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