Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Path that Few Have Chosen…

“I chose the path which only a few have taken, and I am glad I did!” by Natazha Vanessa Yalung, May, 2006

Yes that is my daughter who said that to me last father’s day. Honestly, I was surprised by the notation. Somehow she has inherited some of my poetic and grammatical insights, owing to the fact I guess that she sees her dad typing like crazy on the keyboard from the evening till the early morning. Writing stuff after the usual 8-5 work I hold locally may seem very hectic, but not if you love what you are doing, something that takes the load off. After years of hoping and trying to land 2 jobs at a convenient time allocation, I have so far landed them in Biziki, Candyham, and Essaywriters which complement my daily work with Merlion International Sales, Inc. as their Marketing Director. For this I am thankful to the big Guy upstairs, thank you very much!

Going back, it is true, most people would not choose a path that has no promise and one that has a lot of risks. Most would take the safer route, the one that offers no demise of whatsoever and would just lean on their immediate judgment in knowing what to do. In our case, it is common for a child to go with her mother, but in our case, Vanessa made a big risk, a decision that I wholeheartedly accepted, although the other side still claims I had a lot to do with the decision. Well, the best way is to talk to the source and not to what they chose I guess. Keeping mum and quiet, people around who can compare us would now know why.

I have chosen the path as well, not putting much effort in demanding that I have a relationship, although there are opportunities that arise. One reason is a lot of people do not have a wide understanding of the situation, the immediate perception being that this guy is a player. But then again, take a look closely, if this guy was a player, how come her daughter is with her?

Some girls would prefer single guys. Having a daughter or a son changes the entire complexity of it. Perhaps for them, they would rather get someone who is single which is perfectly alright. There should be no hard feelings and for men who have my situation, expectations should not be set at high levels. It is only natural for girls to do so. They deserve the happiness and freedom owed to them by society.

So where does this lead me? Well, I chose not to really pursue having a partner and to just plainly prioritize my daughter. People would not believe me for sure, being known to always have someone special beside me to be able to strive harder; I took a different perspective now. It is not really about companionship now, but about being a parent and carrying out the things that I had experienced when I was their age and that is to enjoy life to the fullest. I have done my time of being happy and while there are girls here and there, the desire to have someone fit in my mix has been limited, and most of them are my friends. To take it to another level is entirely different, and the demands of the usual relationship are no longer something I am inclined to pursue.

Crazy as it may sound, I often say that I can live till the end of my days alone. I feel at times that I have been trained to take on hard times by myself, something that I really went through even when my former was here. But with my daughter, her presence alone comforts me, something that her mom never did and I presume no one will top. Strange how life goes, but it is in the paths that we choose which separates how most of us are in life, conservative or risk takers.

I have no regrets to the path I chose to, same as my daughter who knows her father better today. For me, I know my responsibility and my priorities. As far as partnership is concerned, it is the least of my worries. Lonely as it may some times, but to live a practical life today, one has to move on and suck it up to take on all the obstacles that life has yet to offer….

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