Sunday, October 15, 2006

At An All Time Low

After being on top of the world, one of my most feared events has happened. I always believed that once a person reaches a certain level, it is scary to look at how far he will fall. So far, I haven’t really climbed up that high and here I am feeling down and awful for the past two weeks. Losses and physical injuries due to old age I guess have been popping out of nowhere and I am safe to say have been contributory markers to pulling down my adrenaline level.

As a coach, I have already experienced how it is to lose. While I have been asking for this for some time, it is at this time that I wished I would see the person who complements everything. But due to a busy schedule and prior commitments, this week’s meeting has been cancelled and well, here I am waiting again for my turn at her. While I will admit it was a bit painful not to see her, I recollect that even before I got myself into this, I am a secondary choice and that I am by no means a priority for her. After thinking things over, it all was good but still heavy to bear.

But I have no regrets. I am used to being down, again and again it is nothing new despite what most dear people would tell me. It is better to experience such feelings rather than waiting for them to rise at moments where you least and don’t want to see them. I still stand by my belief that a person’s happiness is still the best way to show her how sincere and caring I am and that there is no reciprocation necessary. It is something that is very well water under the bridge and the only way I can be happy is when I sleep where nothing else matters.

Basketball is a mind game that needs wits and tactics. For the past three games, I can safely say that I am mentally drained from both analyzing game plays and emotions. While I know that most people will learn from defeat and setbacks, despite how hard I take on them, I know I have to use them to be able gain experience and tuck them under my belt. It may affect my ego and outlook, but a weak person will never be able to get stronger without going through them. It is through this that I was able to stand up and become numb when it comes to relationships and personal agendas, and professional work is something that should not be as hard to implement as well.

Now that I am on an all-time low, there is nothing more to look forward to but up. Surely, dampened spirits and lost causes will lead to regrets, but given the time to be able to regroup my thoughts and continue striving for knowledge may just be in time for the most awaited time of the year when everything around me becomes a joy to watch, and that is the Christmas season. Will I conquer and realize my coaching dreams? Will I ever find out if she really has me somewhere in her heart? Regardless of what fate has in store for me, one thing is for sure, this coming holiday season will be spent joyfully with my family and especially my daughter, Vanessa.

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