Sunday, October 29, 2006

As Fate Would Have It...

It has begun and I think its about time for me to focus on some other things outside my social life. Finding no remorse for the only person who was missing in my life, the void is there to stay, and I don’t really care if it will be filled up anymore or not. Trying to meet someone all over again seems a waste of time and as fate and destiny would have it, it is time to buckle down to business and start looking at personal goals and putting focus on the things I have yet to accomplish.

My belief where love and money do not mix is really something that I was never wrong. For people who can effectively balance their time and attention to both deserves a salute and a citation. Satisfying myself in the love area is something that really needs improvement, but then again, living the rest of your life and focusing on what you have now and passing it on to the next generation is an achievement already in its own. Perhaps one day, these young kids will look up to me and idolize what I have accomplished, but hopefully they will have a better social life, something I would not want them to follow as well.

For the person I adore, your life is a mystery to me, same as your true inner feelings, something I would rather not assume for you will never admit the real feeling. I have my own conclusions but I would rather have them confirmed by you when the time comes. If it does not reach that point, then I guess I was wrong. That way, it won’t be embarrassing nor hurting to note that all the while, the entire feeling was simply coming from a one way street.

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