Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Aiming High, Falling Short from the Goal

Last night officially ended my coaching for this year as far as competitive basketball is concerned. Similar to that of what happened to the younger generation some weeks back where we finished 3rd, my plight with the more older guys also gave out the same result, 3rd place and bowing to a team that seemed to have all the luck. Despite the loss, I still believe we could have won, but given the pressure and team politics, I was helpless to do my own strategies, with the fear of not being able to make everyone happy.

Anyway, I forwarded my intention not to coach anymore the team next year. Unlike the younger players, these people have the notion that they are better than me, so why bother arguing and rather let them do the coaching. I never insisted on being the coach and the burden that I went through is something that is truly hard to live on by any normal person. Discipline, cooperation and devotion, this is something that this team lacked compared to that of the younger boys who could have gone all the way if not for some underground game fixing by a team that used money to win. Pathetic I know, but maybe he should have jut bought a trophy with the payment he had given, it was cheaper! But for people, money isn’t everything, and buying games and taking out the purpose of it is their cup of tea. Too bad, but it only goes to show who the real losers are.

Going back, I still feel I lack the experience to coach in the technical aspect. Motivation is there, discipline and training and so on. It was an added feather to my long list of experiences and something I will cherish. Although if I would have gotten a championship, it would have been something to cherish. But being a rookie coach, many say it was a quite showing, so in a way it may have been something to look back on.

Next week is the start of a new training for the league of the kids. Actually there is also another one for the elder people, but honestly, I am not that at ease with it, and would rather coach the teenagers than them. Instead, I choose to just help out forming the team and get a coach who can handle them. I know my limits and coaching a team that is full of stars is too much to handle.

For now, I just want to lay back and recharge my wits. The coaching stint truly took its toll on me. Besides, my work needs more attention now. So you might say, I am on vacation as far as battering my mind again is concerned. Besides, the holiday season is just around the corner, its high time I spent time with my little tykes for the meantime, it is my time to look after them.

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