Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Puppet Masters

Puppets are known as controlled and manipulated objects that are usually but not necessarily characters used in plays or performances. (A definition taken from Wikipedia). Have you ever asked yourself what life is all about? If I were to compare, life is like a play or performance where most people are supposed to be responsible on how to author their daily living. Life is something that is like an empty book, and it is up to us to create our stories, and this is something that no one can take away from us. We follow different paths, approaches and goals, and regardless of the various insights and inputs that most people would usually have to say, the ending will still depend on the author that of which is us.

So why puppets? I will admit I have had my share of being a puppet from some people around me. I really couldn’t care less. Simply doing my own deed, going through the motions of life as it comes is only normal for me. People may look at it as something that is too good to be true, but hey, it is my call. It comes to a point where manipulation by people sets in, relatives, friends or acquaintances, purely for the sake of getting benefits out of the entire thing. Does it make them happy? Perhaps, but people who become puppets are usually the ones who have already set their foresights as to what to make out of their lives.

Puppet masters can be likened to people who really don’t care bout who you are but more on what you can give. Puppets are usually known for entertainment and in the same way; this is what most people want, seeing people perform as they wish. There is no bound as to the people who want to take advantage, but all I know is that they are abundant in numbers, me included if I should assess my life to way back. Good or bad, it doesn’t make a difference. Its obliging to what people want that is important, something that is a characteristic I aim to please. But unlike the ordinary puppets, living puppets that are not immediately aware can spring back to life and choose not to respond. Once this happens, it may be time for people to realize that puppets have a certain limit with regards to usable life. For people, moving on, avoiding and simply playing dumb to be stricken of the list is what we would usually encounter. I should know... I have done these things already, perhaps the reason why I choose to become invisible. I don’t really care if people would understand. All I know is I have a story to finish, without anyone there to alter what I want to be the ending of it all.

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