Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Personalized Cobwebs and Tomorrows

We all have our own hang-ups in life, and looking back at them is really a waste of time. No one is gifted with a worry free life and somewhere along the road, some mistakes and wrongful decisions will surely be something that will make most people feel very miserable. It is only natural. Humans were created to take on challenges to test their ability to handle such situations. Most people take on different approaches to resolve issues, but one thing that is sure, a decision made will be something that a person will stand for, regardless of the outcome and what other people think.

I would like the trails that people leave as cobwebs. These are traps or trails that people leave behind, and the strength of the web that they have built will depend on how they were able to resolve and get out of these. Ideally, most people do not really care, as long as they are able to survive the task, but realistically, being able to get over these things helps build our confidence and experience in handling such situations, something that not all of us experience at the same time. We learn from others, but we can also learn from their mistakes and their management of such issues. So what is the benefit from this? We learn from them and will be able to cope up with such problems should the need arise where we find ourselves in the same situation.

Cobwebs are usually known as something that is made of accumulated dirt and dust. Just like us, we leave a trail behind, but not all of the time does it follow that these trails are cleaned up and memorable. We all have shortcomings and while no one is expected to live up to such expectations and resolve them successfully, some fine tuning that can be made on the next experience can be done. Past experiences or even present ones cannot be avoided. There is hardly a good place to run. People have principles but do not really use them. Most of the time, they resort to other decision-making skills, mostly done through what they believe in, and something which other people should respect.

People nowadays rarely understand why a person chooses to be who or what he is. Some say that people who claim to be like this and like that are too good to be true. Given the benefit of the doubt, people should not be misjudged because of looks, past and what they want to preach. Respect in the same way that they would want people to respect them should be emphasized. Varying thoughts and opinions shall come, but for the sake of totally understanding any person in this world, a broader knowledge should be sought. Not all people jive and can relate to the real gist of the situation.

Too bad some people are just satisfied with where they are and how they can seek
convenience. Thinkers do otherwise. They simmer down and stop. Tomorrows provide
new promise. Only the fortunate are brave enough to face them as they

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