Thursday, August 17, 2006

For Blood or Money: Testing the Family Bonds

The consideration of family genes and relationships vary in ethnic races, but the cultural beliefs, backgrounds and stuff would most likely be the best way to determine how a family values their bond with each other. There are families with a big number of relatives on hand, most of which have closer ties since birth. Again this depends on such factors as location, relationship, and functions which keep these ties together.

It is not a secret that most families would come to a point where they would need to separate ways due to some events as migration, marriages, and falling out, something that is pretty common today for most families. Family values are different as well and in marriages, this can be seen as one culprit in determining why most marriages fail, leaving the siblings out in the cold and following the footsteps of their parents. This has been the common scenario for most families, and regardless if most people agree or not, this is a reality that we see, not only in movies but in our families as well.

Many would ask, why such falling outs occur in most families. For one, as most families see lesser of each other, the lesser the communication and the more that people get disappointed of not knowing how their relatives are doing. Some would infuse some unnecessary ideas, as perhaps misunderstandings, something that when given emphasis, is a very common culprit in putting gaps and breaches in the family tree. When people get to a certain age, they want to emphasize things, some which may not be suitable nor acceptable to most people since they too have their own beliefs based on their traditions and what they actually encounter daily. A major problem that may be too much for families, but there is one and even worse reason for family a misunderstanding that of which is financial problems or money.

Money, a required necessity by most of us, especially for people who have a lot of things that they want in order for them to be able to satisfy their needs, wants and other personal demands has become overpowering, that sometimes, family values and beliefs are no longer important in the world of existence. Most people, especially the Catholics forget to look back to what they pass on to the younger generation. They preach but don’t practice is the best term. Their shield towards such claims? Very simple. They have alibis and reasons, something that has become thoroughly cowardly claims just to escape being in a spot. That is where most people are good at, making excuses even if they are not valid. Money has been used as a tool for power, hence why most elderly people call it an evil tool in power tripping individuals.

So what is happening to family values today? Plainly put, totally disintegrating and something that is only known in mind but not in heart. People say you use your mind over your heart but no one said at which level. We usually hear these in relationships, the boyfriend and girlfriend thing, but no one ever said that family ties are not supposed to be included in this phrase. But then again, who needs to explain this if they truly believe the blood is thicker than water.

Let’s face it; people today have totally lost it when it comes to family values and peer relationships. Wealth has been the dominating factor to all of this and unless you are well off, having your own house, own car, earning at least 5 digit figures on monthly and can afford to go on tourist vacation escapades, you will be the last person to be remembered. A pitifully stated reality, but true. Most people today look at your financial standing, regardless if you are family or potential family material.

But mind you, money is only temporary and can always disappear. Giving
love and family relationships does not. Regardless if you are in good terms with
your family tree members, that will always be a fact, now and until you bid
adieu to the world.

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