Friday, August 11, 2006

The Checkered Flags at Our Own Finish Lines

Getting my cue from the just recently shown Disney Movie, Cars, I can’t help but wonder, by this time, most of us will reach our finish lines as well, but as Lightning McQueen did, will we cross it or not? Ironically, most of us aim for something, and long for something to serve as the icing on our cakes, but once we get there, it is only normal for us to have hesitations, thinking twice if this is it. Are we fulfilled? Are we done with what we have to prove to ourselves? Most of us would have doubts, especially at some point where we sort of look back in our lives, consider our past and check out some things that may have been overlooked. Do we correct them or do we go ahead and finish this race we always find ourselves in.

Some will not understand nor will they consider taking their lives as seriously and analytically as most people would, especially for the people who feel they are having the times of their lives. For sure, people who will read this will call me either morbid, vague and sentimental, but hey, who cares? These people who don’t give a damn will eventually wake up one day and wonder, that article I read about Finish Lines really does make sense! But as far as that moment comes, I don’t care if I am still around to say, well I told you so!

Anyway, going back, we all have our own races to finish. It doesn’t have to rely on speed and souped up race cars. It’s just merely how we pace ourselves and compete at the level we know we can be effective. Our views of life vary, and this is easily seen as to how we run our lives. The way we run our lives is the pace to which we will get to our goals. Regardless on whether this is personal or professional, the person behind the wheel is us. We may have co-pilots, but the direction to which we will be going will still be entirely up to us.

Once the checkered flag is up, do we go across it, or put on the breaks. Maybe go on reverse, look back if we need to attend to something like perhaps lending a helping hand to a troubled friend, or something I may be fond of, sharing a triumph with people who I consider real and worth keeping. I say this will all my heart, people will be there to watch you cross, while some may be praying for you not to cross it.

People who just watch you cross are simply waiting or going through the motions of a commitment to see you achieve something, but those praying for you not to cross are hoping you will not change and leave them behind or perhaps people who were there but were ignored. Funny adage, but my hunch is most of your reading this are actually thinking that people who are there to watch you cross are actually the true friends. Perhaps there are, but most of the people are the ones who want you to slow down on the gas pedal so that they too can share the moment.

In parting, give it a thought…What would be your Ideal Finish Line? What would happen if you do pass the checkered flag already? This is not the Nascar or Indianapolis races, it’s the race we all tag in our heads but we do not really see because we are preoccupied with trying to fulfill our self satisfaction. Apparently, most of us don’t have an end to this, something that leaves people a lot of unfinished business!

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