Saturday, August 12, 2006

Business Propositions: Do You Understand The PERSONAL Message Being Sent?

It is only normal for people to be amazed, attracted and adamant when it comes to wanting to know more about a particular person. The facts are obvious. Doing some background checks, getting pertinent information and eventually summing up the strength to ask that person out are no doubt going towards a direction where most relationships, both successful and failed ones, will lead to. People have this knack of coming up with stories or using cover-ups to hide their actual intentions, and whatever the nationality, race or ethnic proportions, it all sums up to a goal where people may as well take it to the next level.

There are various ways people resort to. The most notable one is using available resources such as work, achievements and power as artillery to be able to get the person’s attention and interest. This will of course be something that will serve as the front for it all, but just the same, the main purpose for everything is that person finds you interesting. For the receiving party, there is no harm in playing it safe. Considering such an approach in another manner will never hurt, but the possibility of being used as an alibi for the actual purpose should not be discounted.

This is not to say that people should always downplay or assume that intentions being done are not authentic or real. It is merely pointing out a possibility that especially for people of different sexes; this is not surprising to reach the level of courtship and intimate personal relationships. Deception is something which may also be possible, but as in all of everyone’s experience, anything can happen.

Here are some points for the benefit of trimming down the possibilities in a work place environment. If a new boss out of nowhere approaches you, asks you if you would be interested in being part of his staff, would it entail asking you out to dinner when in fact you are already in the workplace where all the necessary resources such as spreadsheets and actual operations are in sight? Granted that this superior does not have an office, it is highly improbable not to find a place in the office to discuss such topics. Here is a twist, practically anyone can already know that an employee, regardless if he is a boss or a plain rank and file worker, who would exert all the efforts of getting personal information such as mobile numbers, personal background, schedules and other information that can be considered private and have no bearing on the actual profession of the person should be treated with caution. This is obviously not for a professional opportunity but rather a personal one.

In parting, people should also look at the future. We all see in movies that people put into place would usually have something to be afraid of, that of which is being the master’s pet. You sit when they tell you to sit, eat when they want you to eat and for worst scenarios, you go out with them when they want you to. This is not to act as to scare out people from such opportunities, but if the wavelengths are very clear, wake up and stop dreaming of something else. It might come to a point where you may end up losing respect and dues for yourself rather than gaining from them.

People in power have the necessary things at their fingertips; there is no
reason for them to exercise the same once people fall under their turf.

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