Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Personalized Cobwebs and Tomorrows

We all have our own hang-ups in life, and looking back at them is really a waste of time. No one is gifted with a worry free life and somewhere along the road, some mistakes and wrongful decisions will surely be something that will make most people feel very miserable. It is only natural. Humans were created to take on challenges to test their ability to handle such situations. Most people take on different approaches to resolve issues, but one thing that is sure, a decision made will be something that a person will stand for, regardless of the outcome and what other people think.

I would like the trails that people leave as cobwebs. These are traps or trails that people leave behind, and the strength of the web that they have built will depend on how they were able to resolve and get out of these. Ideally, most people do not really care, as long as they are able to survive the task, but realistically, being able to get over these things helps build our confidence and experience in handling such situations, something that not all of us experience at the same time. We learn from others, but we can also learn from their mistakes and their management of such issues. So what is the benefit from this? We learn from them and will be able to cope up with such problems should the need arise where we find ourselves in the same situation.

Cobwebs are usually known as something that is made of accumulated dirt and dust. Just like us, we leave a trail behind, but not all of the time does it follow that these trails are cleaned up and memorable. We all have shortcomings and while no one is expected to live up to such expectations and resolve them successfully, some fine tuning that can be made on the next experience can be done. Past experiences or even present ones cannot be avoided. There is hardly a good place to run. People have principles but do not really use them. Most of the time, they resort to other decision-making skills, mostly done through what they believe in, and something which other people should respect.

People nowadays rarely understand why a person chooses to be who or what he is. Some say that people who claim to be like this and like that are too good to be true. Given the benefit of the doubt, people should not be misjudged because of looks, past and what they want to preach. Respect in the same way that they would want people to respect them should be emphasized. Varying thoughts and opinions shall come, but for the sake of totally understanding any person in this world, a broader knowledge should be sought. Not all people jive and can relate to the real gist of the situation.

Too bad some people are just satisfied with where they are and how they can seek
convenience. Thinkers do otherwise. They simmer down and stop. Tomorrows provide
new promise. Only the fortunate are brave enough to face them as they

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Puppet Masters

Puppets are known as controlled and manipulated objects that are usually but not necessarily characters used in plays or performances. (A definition taken from Wikipedia). Have you ever asked yourself what life is all about? If I were to compare, life is like a play or performance where most people are supposed to be responsible on how to author their daily living. Life is something that is like an empty book, and it is up to us to create our stories, and this is something that no one can take away from us. We follow different paths, approaches and goals, and regardless of the various insights and inputs that most people would usually have to say, the ending will still depend on the author that of which is us.

So why puppets? I will admit I have had my share of being a puppet from some people around me. I really couldn’t care less. Simply doing my own deed, going through the motions of life as it comes is only normal for me. People may look at it as something that is too good to be true, but hey, it is my call. It comes to a point where manipulation by people sets in, relatives, friends or acquaintances, purely for the sake of getting benefits out of the entire thing. Does it make them happy? Perhaps, but people who become puppets are usually the ones who have already set their foresights as to what to make out of their lives.

Puppet masters can be likened to people who really don’t care bout who you are but more on what you can give. Puppets are usually known for entertainment and in the same way; this is what most people want, seeing people perform as they wish. There is no bound as to the people who want to take advantage, but all I know is that they are abundant in numbers, me included if I should assess my life to way back. Good or bad, it doesn’t make a difference. Its obliging to what people want that is important, something that is a characteristic I aim to please. But unlike the ordinary puppets, living puppets that are not immediately aware can spring back to life and choose not to respond. Once this happens, it may be time for people to realize that puppets have a certain limit with regards to usable life. For people, moving on, avoiding and simply playing dumb to be stricken of the list is what we would usually encounter. I should know... I have done these things already, perhaps the reason why I choose to become invisible. I don’t really care if people would understand. All I know is I have a story to finish, without anyone there to alter what I want to be the ending of it all.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

For Blood or Money: Testing the Family Bonds

The consideration of family genes and relationships vary in ethnic races, but the cultural beliefs, backgrounds and stuff would most likely be the best way to determine how a family values their bond with each other. There are families with a big number of relatives on hand, most of which have closer ties since birth. Again this depends on such factors as location, relationship, and functions which keep these ties together.

It is not a secret that most families would come to a point where they would need to separate ways due to some events as migration, marriages, and falling out, something that is pretty common today for most families. Family values are different as well and in marriages, this can be seen as one culprit in determining why most marriages fail, leaving the siblings out in the cold and following the footsteps of their parents. This has been the common scenario for most families, and regardless if most people agree or not, this is a reality that we see, not only in movies but in our families as well.

Many would ask, why such falling outs occur in most families. For one, as most families see lesser of each other, the lesser the communication and the more that people get disappointed of not knowing how their relatives are doing. Some would infuse some unnecessary ideas, as perhaps misunderstandings, something that when given emphasis, is a very common culprit in putting gaps and breaches in the family tree. When people get to a certain age, they want to emphasize things, some which may not be suitable nor acceptable to most people since they too have their own beliefs based on their traditions and what they actually encounter daily. A major problem that may be too much for families, but there is one and even worse reason for family a misunderstanding that of which is financial problems or money.

Money, a required necessity by most of us, especially for people who have a lot of things that they want in order for them to be able to satisfy their needs, wants and other personal demands has become overpowering, that sometimes, family values and beliefs are no longer important in the world of existence. Most people, especially the Catholics forget to look back to what they pass on to the younger generation. They preach but don’t practice is the best term. Their shield towards such claims? Very simple. They have alibis and reasons, something that has become thoroughly cowardly claims just to escape being in a spot. That is where most people are good at, making excuses even if they are not valid. Money has been used as a tool for power, hence why most elderly people call it an evil tool in power tripping individuals.

So what is happening to family values today? Plainly put, totally disintegrating and something that is only known in mind but not in heart. People say you use your mind over your heart but no one said at which level. We usually hear these in relationships, the boyfriend and girlfriend thing, but no one ever said that family ties are not supposed to be included in this phrase. But then again, who needs to explain this if they truly believe the blood is thicker than water.

Let’s face it; people today have totally lost it when it comes to family values and peer relationships. Wealth has been the dominating factor to all of this and unless you are well off, having your own house, own car, earning at least 5 digit figures on monthly and can afford to go on tourist vacation escapades, you will be the last person to be remembered. A pitifully stated reality, but true. Most people today look at your financial standing, regardless if you are family or potential family material.

But mind you, money is only temporary and can always disappear. Giving
love and family relationships does not. Regardless if you are in good terms with
your family tree members, that will always be a fact, now and until you bid
adieu to the world.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Business Propositions: Do You Understand The PERSONAL Message Being Sent?

It is only normal for people to be amazed, attracted and adamant when it comes to wanting to know more about a particular person. The facts are obvious. Doing some background checks, getting pertinent information and eventually summing up the strength to ask that person out are no doubt going towards a direction where most relationships, both successful and failed ones, will lead to. People have this knack of coming up with stories or using cover-ups to hide their actual intentions, and whatever the nationality, race or ethnic proportions, it all sums up to a goal where people may as well take it to the next level.

There are various ways people resort to. The most notable one is using available resources such as work, achievements and power as artillery to be able to get the person’s attention and interest. This will of course be something that will serve as the front for it all, but just the same, the main purpose for everything is that person finds you interesting. For the receiving party, there is no harm in playing it safe. Considering such an approach in another manner will never hurt, but the possibility of being used as an alibi for the actual purpose should not be discounted.

This is not to say that people should always downplay or assume that intentions being done are not authentic or real. It is merely pointing out a possibility that especially for people of different sexes; this is not surprising to reach the level of courtship and intimate personal relationships. Deception is something which may also be possible, but as in all of everyone’s experience, anything can happen.

Here are some points for the benefit of trimming down the possibilities in a work place environment. If a new boss out of nowhere approaches you, asks you if you would be interested in being part of his staff, would it entail asking you out to dinner when in fact you are already in the workplace where all the necessary resources such as spreadsheets and actual operations are in sight? Granted that this superior does not have an office, it is highly improbable not to find a place in the office to discuss such topics. Here is a twist, practically anyone can already know that an employee, regardless if he is a boss or a plain rank and file worker, who would exert all the efforts of getting personal information such as mobile numbers, personal background, schedules and other information that can be considered private and have no bearing on the actual profession of the person should be treated with caution. This is obviously not for a professional opportunity but rather a personal one.

In parting, people should also look at the future. We all see in movies that people put into place would usually have something to be afraid of, that of which is being the master’s pet. You sit when they tell you to sit, eat when they want you to eat and for worst scenarios, you go out with them when they want you to. This is not to act as to scare out people from such opportunities, but if the wavelengths are very clear, wake up and stop dreaming of something else. It might come to a point where you may end up losing respect and dues for yourself rather than gaining from them.

People in power have the necessary things at their fingertips; there is no
reason for them to exercise the same once people fall under their turf.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Children of Hope

Poverty is one thing that is immediately attached to the Philippines. While it is most common for third world classified countries, perhaps the most affected people are the children who have been deprived of a clean and decent living and education. Street children, the poorer classes living in the suburbs of Metro Manila are the unfortunate victims who have to live with what they have. The people would immediately be moved by their site, living in shanties and garbage is something most of us, especially the one who are able to read this article as fortunate and lucky.

At the moment, we are all suffering from the effects of the economic turmoil that has been besetting most parts of the world. Imagine us, the more fortunate Filipinos to be able to surf the web, eat at classy restaurants or even go shopping at times yet we complain of lack of satisfaction, should be content with being where they are at the moment. We have the luxury of adapting to any situation, yet we are still where we are right now, not having to be limited towards living in unlikely places like garbage dumps or shanties where people are groping for means of being able to live a more comfortable life. Some of these Children of Hope do not even get a decent education. So how fortunate are we at that?

Some people do charity at times, but for people to do this alone is not enough. The temporary relief is good for a day or up to a week. But then what? To them, people cannot classify them to the street children who have been plaguing the streets selling Sampaguitas or the blind people who beg for loose change on the streets as part of a syndicate. This in itself is already a pathetic site. Using the poor people to do their dirty work is a crime that has not been pinned down, probably because there is a larger force at the back of it all. But this is another article to be written.

Pity and concern, these are the initial things that such a sight will return to us for the children deprived of decency in their lives. It takes a lot of patience to be able to understand and show these people the true understanding. Much of them are sure to be disoriented, and aware of what hard earned money is all about. But yet, people are not satisfied, particularly the people who are filthy rich. Their satisfaction doesn’t seem to be set or they are just too greedy to be satisfied.

In this regard, the Hope World Foundation aims to aid in any way it can to these unfortunate children. It is good to note that such an organization aims to help these children out. But how about us? Do we really care? Or are we just content on our comfort zone to even give it a thought? A glimpse on the plight of such children can be seen on this site by my good friend PARC about the Children of Hope.

The Checkered Flags at Our Own Finish Lines

Getting my cue from the just recently shown Disney Movie, Cars, I can’t help but wonder, by this time, most of us will reach our finish lines as well, but as Lightning McQueen did, will we cross it or not? Ironically, most of us aim for something, and long for something to serve as the icing on our cakes, but once we get there, it is only normal for us to have hesitations, thinking twice if this is it. Are we fulfilled? Are we done with what we have to prove to ourselves? Most of us would have doubts, especially at some point where we sort of look back in our lives, consider our past and check out some things that may have been overlooked. Do we correct them or do we go ahead and finish this race we always find ourselves in.

Some will not understand nor will they consider taking their lives as seriously and analytically as most people would, especially for the people who feel they are having the times of their lives. For sure, people who will read this will call me either morbid, vague and sentimental, but hey, who cares? These people who don’t give a damn will eventually wake up one day and wonder, that article I read about Finish Lines really does make sense! But as far as that moment comes, I don’t care if I am still around to say, well I told you so!

Anyway, going back, we all have our own races to finish. It doesn’t have to rely on speed and souped up race cars. It’s just merely how we pace ourselves and compete at the level we know we can be effective. Our views of life vary, and this is easily seen as to how we run our lives. The way we run our lives is the pace to which we will get to our goals. Regardless on whether this is personal or professional, the person behind the wheel is us. We may have co-pilots, but the direction to which we will be going will still be entirely up to us.

Once the checkered flag is up, do we go across it, or put on the breaks. Maybe go on reverse, look back if we need to attend to something like perhaps lending a helping hand to a troubled friend, or something I may be fond of, sharing a triumph with people who I consider real and worth keeping. I say this will all my heart, people will be there to watch you cross, while some may be praying for you not to cross it.

People who just watch you cross are simply waiting or going through the motions of a commitment to see you achieve something, but those praying for you not to cross are hoping you will not change and leave them behind or perhaps people who were there but were ignored. Funny adage, but my hunch is most of your reading this are actually thinking that people who are there to watch you cross are actually the true friends. Perhaps there are, but most of the people are the ones who want you to slow down on the gas pedal so that they too can share the moment.

In parting, give it a thought…What would be your Ideal Finish Line? What would happen if you do pass the checkered flag already? This is not the Nascar or Indianapolis races, it’s the race we all tag in our heads but we do not really see because we are preoccupied with trying to fulfill our self satisfaction. Apparently, most of us don’t have an end to this, something that leaves people a lot of unfinished business!