Monday, July 31, 2006

Using Pain as a Shock Absorber for Success

People have different views as far as finding the right partner for them. Time and again it has been said, you don’t find a partner, as it will come natural. You cannot fabricate or fix something for the sake of having a person be at your side. It should be of your own free will without conditions.

Such was something I had experienced ages ago. Going into college, I just came of a recent break-off with my first girlfriend, and the feeling was really devastating. Something I was not used to at that time, it severely affected my moral standards, dampening my spirits as an innocent youth finding the meaning of love in those days. I shifted my attention on using pain as my strength, pouring all my energy on sports activities such as basketball and Tae Kwon Do. The latter was of course much more severe and punishing, and the pain that I garnered from the training for competition and was really not felt in exchange for emotional setbacks I had then. I really didn’t care much, all that mattered was I compete for glory and carve my name out as part of the college team varsity, something I would be proud of.

I abused my body so much then that people began to wonder how I would do it. Staying up late, smoking a lot, drinking tons of alcohol, and needing to undergo the training every morning and afternoon and simultaneously taking up my studies was suicide to most of them. I called it keeping myself busy, not leaving a moment to think and reflect. Attaining such achievements is something that most people would not understand, but for me it means a lot. I also had my share of people that got my interest, but well, it just didn’t work out. Relationships ensued, but none of them lasted. This was the trend up to this day.

The only thing that has changed from then is that I am not getting any younger. I still try to be the same old busy body, but the toll that these abuses have made to my body and mind are obviously much more different today. Pain is still present but I never show it, since I was never known to be weak inside. Perhaps this is the reason why it takes so much to see a tear fall from my eyes. This is a rarity and no one has ever seen me cry other than my family.

Pain may be a sign of weakness for most people but if a person
knows how to manipulate it and turn it into one of his strong points, he will be
amazed at how pain will never be felt at all.

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