Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Scaredy Cat

Nothing best sums it all up when people ask my why I haven’t found someone to fill the void that everyone seems to be filled. Even my friends, new and old, do not believe that I am single and alone with only my daughter in tow, Vanessa. Many would say I am conning them or something when in reality I am really not. Even my ex-girlfriends, whom for some reason I have resorted to contacting for no apparent reason, do not believe I am single right now. Most of them call me a guy who never runs out of girls to be with; on whether that is good or bad, well, I leave the judgment up to them. Ever since I found out that my ex-wife was cheating on me, well, the search for someone more deserving never entered my mind, well at least not yet. But analyzing myself carefully, I don’t think even if my ex-wife was not cheating on me, I had already set my sites on a task based personality, pursuing a dream towards success, something that most professionals would prioritize for the benefit of their siblings.

I don’t feel down at times, maybe because I really take on a lot of things simultaneously, and I have my nephews and niece to eat up my attention. I know I am still the person of yesterday’s news, but only one part of me changed, and I guess this can be attributed to the fact that I have conditioned myself into allowing people the freedom of judgment and acceptance. Gone are my years of being persuasive, fighting for what I want. Right now, I satisfy myself on how people see me, physically and mentally. There have been people who still judge a book by its cover, but I simply smile at them and go on my way. It is impossible to please everyone and I guess the same holds for me in this situation. I had my run at relationships, the last of which was a few months back. But seeing that it would be unfair to have someone and not give her the due love and affection she deserves would be an act of selfishness on my part. One after another, women go my way, and in each one, I don’t see the fire in my eyes to love them the way women should be loved. Something happened to me along the road, something that has totally negated my preference for self satisfaction. People who have known me for so many years would be puzzled at me right now. But crazy as it may seem, I feel that time is not on my side.

Perhaps appearance is also another factor. I am not the same physical appearing conscious person like before. It can be similar to something like, well, a part of me has been used up, and we all cannot stay young forever. A person just has to do what he has to do. Acceptance of a person to understand my situation, my personality and my current outlook in life will be difficult. And as I said to one of the women I had tried to court before, if ever I do get back the fire to want someone beside me, it would be someone from my past, someone who knows me better than anyone else. At my age, trying to pose as a teenager is no longer a feasible resort. The usual hyperactive person in me has slowly taken its toll, and injuries, both physically and mentally are not helping. As I said, age is the factor.

One person I met called me a scaredy cat and I think she is right. I am scared to love again for fear of going through all of this over and over again. People take chances, but I feel hesitations on my part. Perhaps I am not ready, but if I were the stubborn type, I could manipulate people and fool them to believing I truly care for them. But right now, I only admit my true feeling for people who really mean something to me. Unfortunately these people don’t feel the same way. So why force the issue. Knowing where you stand is the best thing a person can ask for. I call it a mix of choice and respect for other’s decision. So that is that…

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