Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Mirror Image on Reality and Plastic People of Today

We get to meet people here and there and all of them have varying points on how to accept a person. Most would give the usual answer of as long as he is a gentleman, thoughtful, understanding and sweet, they won’t mind. Who are we kidding? Looks still have a role in determining if a person would be someone we would like to be with, seen with or go out with.

How does one accept a person in reality? Looks still count. Not the macho, mestizos or mestizas alone. A certain mixture which includes ethnic proportions such as livelihood, profession and history as well. Age is another thing since people would rather have a hitch free person rather than listen to their old stories of yesterday, something that most people would consider even if they won’t admit it. I bet you even if a person is formerly married, a person would still go out with him or her because he or she is able to maintain a certain quality that lures the opposite sex. I should know, my ex-wife is a clear example. But in her case, it was money that lured her out of a good marriage. Better late than never but I knew it was coming. For some people money is everything and that is something you simply cannot take away.

Deceptions are part of the world. People seem to be the right one, but they are just testing the waters and seeing what benefits they would get from you. If they don’t see any profitable future with you, well, don’t expect a second look. They will naturally avoid you. Understandably, why would they waste their time on a has-been, when they can find someone else better?

This is one reason why I have instilled this attitude of accept and retreat. I get to meet a lot of people and no matter how strong this claim may be, it is the reality of it all. People without any hang-ups in life will not waste time on people who have hang-ups. In the same way, why should you force the issue. Backing away won’t hurt. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and happiness. That is perhaps I choose to accept what is there and slide back into the crowd as a regular bystander. That way, being out of the limelight will not be as hard as falling from a mountain that you have conquered, especially if you don’t know how to look back at your tracks.

Sorry but not all people are perfect. This not a crime but it a turn that fate had instilled the moment we were born...

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