Thursday, July 13, 2006

Family Asylum, Isolation, and Protecion

Protection and Isolated Asylum. My mother informed me the other night how I felt about migrating to the states if given the chance. Apparently, this is because of my brother-in-law’s run in with the government, his inclusion in the Oakwood Mutineer’s failed Coup attempt 3 years ago. While I did hear a word or two about it, I never thought he would really be joining it! So he and his comrades are now in isolated chambers at Fort Bonifacio, which I know is a burden for his kids and my sister. Well, much as I would want to help, I do my part as the Uncle who spoils his bratty nephews and nieces every week. They deserve to enjoy life and get the attention that they need. It is the least I can do since my parents and grandparents made me enjoy my infant and childhood life as well. Now it is my turn to do the same to the young tykes.

Going back, apparently the government is taking a big risk in trying to make my brother in law talk. Once he does, well, it will be the safety of his kids that will be at risk, and according to my mom, all people in the household, including myself! This really got my ire and I answered a big fat NO! Why should I suffer from his childish actions I said, I am working hard to maintain a clean life only to be ruined by one childish act which they obviously fouled up! Given the situation, leftists known as the NPA (New People’s Army) would go after his family, us included according to my mom. I vehemently protested because no one even saw me going out with this guy without my sister. My only concern is for the kids. While I understand that they may have to leave for safety reasons, inside it will be tough to condition myself not seeing them. I know my daughter would be heartbroken as well, as these two kids never fail to come into my room, call my name and ask me to play with them, often of which I would oblige. But for their future’s sake, I would not stop such asylum and protection for them.

I just cannot imagine people as the NPA try to hurt a 4 and 2 year old kid. If they have their differences, I just wish they take it out on themselves and leave families out of their spat. When my brother in law joined this tirade, it was a death wish from the start. Looking out for his family’s welfare never occurred in his mind, and now he is befuddled, not know what to do. I have made harsh decisions in my life, but among those decisions, I would never put my family’s lives in danger. That would be selfish and stupid!

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