Thursday, May 11, 2006

Stepping Up, Trying to Gain the Fire Again

Big shoes but something needs to be done. This is what these bunch of players needed, which I admit I have lost guidance to ever since I took over the chores of league commissioner of our annual event here in Greenhills. Well, it wasn’t an easy task, but it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass by.

Well, today, having the spare time, I tried to fill the role of acting coach, trying to teach them what I learned from my stint with the Ateneo MBA Blue Eagles last February. I must say, it was kinda new, something I have totally packed up since years ago. I gave up on coaching, admitting I lack the qualities of a good coach, and left it to the ones who had the ready experience. Besides, I just did it for fun, a sort of community thing to get the kids involved.

It is no joke that I want these kids to enjoy their summer. But along with it comes responsibility, discipline and dedication. Seeing the serious ones working their butt out and the others whom have placed success in their heads is something I will not tolerate. This is what I emphasized earlier to them in my short pow wow with them. As usual, the ones who think they are good did not attend, and well, I wasn’t surprised at all. So I just had to do with what I had, and thankfully, everyone showed a semblance of fire in their eyes, something I hope they will retain for their next game where they must win.

Tiring as it was, I was happy to see the group bonding together. I just hope that come game time, this rubs off on everyone. If not, it’s the end of the season for them.

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