Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Start of the Annual Greenhills Basketball Season

The start of a busy month ahead. Ironically, such a phrase would mean all work and no play, but it is really a combination of both. The Inter village basketball league, headed by me again, will kick of this Sunday and I am cramming as usual to make sure I can make it as successful as last year. While it may sound stressful, providing fun and joy towards the teenagers and young kids of tomorrow for the villages is more than enough to gratify my efforts. While I expect another tumultuous and issue laid conference, well, that is part of it I guess. What is a successful project without issues, but hopefully, these kids would grow up soon, something that is academic at this point.

Unlike last year when it reached until the seniors, because of the never ending bickering of the supposedly mature players, I decided to limit it to the kids this year. Besides, I enjoyed watching them last year and I guess I owe it to them to have fun again. Funny how the professionals should be the ones acting maturely, but then again, you cannot teach old dogs new tricks and have them listen to reason.

To kick of the festivities, well it would be the usual parade of teams, then invocations, speeches etc. A 3-point shoot out, courtesy of well-known celebrity Bobby Yan will open up the events, to which 3 games will be ushered to start the month long tourney. While I am part of one of the teams, I totally wash my hands to their performance and leave it up to them to play fair and square without using my powers as league commissioner.

Good luck to me and of course my deputy, Vanessa. Its gonna be one hell of a week again!

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