Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Dreamer: The Sacrificial Lamb

All people are entitled to being happy. As much as possible, most people would want to lead a simple life, avoiding complications and added setbacks that would eventually make life harder for them. While the world is full of complexities, people want to avoid such problems. Some say, a person without problems is probably someone who is suffering from a certain disorder, refusing to take on reality and preferring to live in a world that is free from problems and suffering.

With so many to mention, the most notable problems for people in the world is finding someone who will reciprocate their unseen need. This need comes in many forms:
1. Attention
2. Importance
3. Love
4. Complement
5. Assurance
6. Security

Among the aforementioned, people would add other requirements for sure, probably money, wealth, isolation, or privacy. Whatever the case may be, it is a fact that despite being able to answer all these there will always be lacking satisfaction. This is the problem that most people face, the rate at how they can be able to satisfy themselves, saying when they are fulfilled.

For the people who would say that they are not happy, a good question to throw back to them, “What makes you happy?” Money? Love? Attention? For sure, such responses will be among the ones mentioned above. But one thing that is for sure, people should understand that God never made everything easy, and that a purpose for such is made. For if everything were served on a silver platter, what would existence mean for them anyway?

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