Tuesday, May 09, 2006

An Annual Event, An Annual Competition

With an event that means so much to me, I made a decision not to invite any of my friends to the opening. Aside from probably getting in their way, considering it was a Sunday, a rest day and family day, I don’t want to get upset on a day that I have worked so hard on. Besides, basing it on experience, they would not appreciate the entire thing anyway.

All that mattered was that my whole family was there, my daughter, Vanessa, ever present and muse of our team and my staff to promote and sell our products to the players who are naturally going to be thirsty after their games and being under the sun at that this summer. Hopefully, the response they got from the reception of the product will boost their morale and allow them to use it as their asset in marketing the product a lot more with confidence.

It was a simple affair. Some new faces, some old ones. Safe to say, it was another successful event, despite having to do majority of the preparations. No regrets but success does not come cheap. Handshakes and commendations given, all accepted and acknowledged.

People would not appreciate such things or events. So why bother inviting them. Anyway, as I told my best friend some time last week, I will kind of lay off the group for a while. Nothing personal, but I do have some disappointments to some people. But why let them know when you can just simply disappear? I did it before so why not do it again right? I just told my best friend, if he needs help, he knows where I am and I will be there for him.

Sometimes, people just have to move on and get on with their way. There is no need to force people into going to something that means so much to you. This is probably the best way to determine which friends, who say they will always be there for you, are sincere and true and will forever be friends with you for the coming years.

For the ones who only call, text or appear when they need something, well, I will be here. But please bear in mind, a person can only take so much. So much that one day, you may just end up finding someone who you have lost already.
Whether this would matter or not, well, I don’t really give a damn.

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