Thursday, April 27, 2006

An Imperfect Day in Manila

Well, it’s a day where things could only get worst. A day I planned to spend with my mom and daughter turned out to be short lived as my car’s transmission conked. Well, having my Toyota Corolla 16 Valve for the past 3 years without giving me problems, the problem was forthcoming. Hard on the pockets, I had to have everything repaired the whole afternoon! Add to this, it was the day to give out the uniforms of the players for the upcoming Inter Village Tournament here in Greenhills, and there were 4 uniforms unaccounted for. My golly! What a day!

I ended up the day spending the night with my daughter at my favorite hangout near our place. Well, I figured I wanted to have some serious time with Vanessa. Well, we talked about how life has been treating us, the past, present and the future. I must say I was very speechless to hear the plans of my daughter, and I know she will do well. I could see the fire and determination in her eyes, similar to what I had when I felt the whole world was upon me when I was her age. Confused is only normal, and something that will help her mature faster. I am just glad to note that she is growing up responsibly and with a direction. As usual, I reminded her to take everything easily and follow her heart in all the things she does. There is not easier road to success other than to enjoy something you do.

As for me, well, double time on the work I left out today. Tomorrow is another day, and a day of busy schedules ahead. Ill be firing one of our helpers due to his cocky attitude and honestly, this is one case where I am not at all bothered by my conscience. I don’t want a person who doesn’t want to play with the team of dreamers and create mischief along the way. Many would say it is harsh, but put them in my shoes, they would probably say “I don’t blame you and its about time!

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