Thursday, April 20, 2006

Annual Learning and Growth Activities

It is so frustrating once you achieve something and carve out a niche and then all of a sudden, the people who used to have that fire and determination in their eyes suddenly lost. Maybe went to their head? Or maybe a change of hear and priorities? Either way, I guess I should have seen it coming, especially for kids. You just cannot deprive them of maturity and change of priorities. Besides, I am in no position to dictate to them what they should do. They have to grow up one day.

Well if there is any consolation, it is similar to preaching. Every year, a new face, a new player shows up to take the place. My reward? Well aside from reaching out and broadening my network, it gives me a chance to help out younger people in their steps towards manhood, not to mention becoming a part of their lives, regardless if this is good or a bad experience for them.

It is two weeks away from the opening of our annual inter village league here in Greenhills, San Juan. This is the most disorganized league I have ever handled, is it me or maybe the people are no longer looking forward to it. Anyway, this year may perhaps be the last one, and next year, well, hopefully I will be fulfilling the political duties I am groomed to undertake. Anything can happen…

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