Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Weekend of Victories!

Finally the long and chaotic season is over! It took 3 games, but finally the crown has been rightfully returned to its rightful owner…. THE AGSB Blue Eagles Men’s Basketball Team! The victory was the icing on the cake for the successful season, giving Ateneo Graduate School of Business the overall title in grand fashion. Controversies are still up in the air, but only for one school… a school that had nothing else to do but sour grape and cry foul, geez and to think we are all would be PROFESSIONALS.

It was a great ride, an honor for me as well, since this is my first time to be part of the basketball team, something which up to know puzzles me as to how I made the final cut. What makes it sweet is regaining a prized event invested so much by the school, not to mention gathering new friends whom I have grown to know better. All the time, sacrifice and effort was worth it!

Anyway, it’s back to my old life, taking care of Vanessa, working my butt off in the office and my writing obligations. By the way, I had another victory yesterday, scrapping off Saturdays from our work schedule--- YES!!!! More time to sleep hahahaha!

Professionally, I was able to compare and prove to the board that my sales projections are on target, and this not only proves to them that they got the right guy for the job, but I proved to myself that this job was indeed a right move last year! It was a weekend of victories, something that I will forever look back when I want to wear a smile on my face!!!!

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