Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Used and Abused: Is It Relevant?

Funny how good guys really finish last. They shy away from the limelight and well, like the true gentlemen that they are, they keep their poise and composure and just act as normally as possible. Just to do a good deed, make their friends happy, be helpful in any way and don’t ask anything in return. That would typically be people who would just want to fit in.

I have been there. Well, I have met some and learned bit by bit. It does hurt at times, but hey who is complaining? Being gullible should not be the escape button to such. It’s probably in the nature of my personality, wanting to be a helping hand to anyone, but naturally within bounds. I believe that for every good deed, that feeling of warmth and that you have made someone happy is more than enough reward for a valiant effort.

Friends will tell me to shape up, learn when to say “No”. I have a hard time pleasing them, knowing when I have been spoon feeding people who come to me. All I can say is, if it was only natural for me, then it would not be so hard to do.

Used? Maybe, but I don’t care. The only good thing is I can separate my valued friends from the pretenders. Abused? Well perhaps in a way, but then again, who am I to judge people. All I care about is being helpful and making sure that I can extend that helping hand whenever the need arises. Besides, it’s not like I want to run for office or anything. I am just simply being plain me and that is all that counts. If people accept me for whom I am, my advanced thanks to you. If not, well, it was nice to have served you.

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