Friday, March 24, 2006

My Last Ride with the Ateneo Blue Eagles

It was our final practice before the big championship game on Sunday. We could have finished the finals last Sunday but as fate would have it, a decisive match was in the works. Well, all is not lost. But I am glad to see the response of the people who came to practice, sacrifice and sweat it out for perhaps the final time I will be with these guys. All that is needed now is to wait for that faithful day, hopefully we can be able to regain the crown which the school lost last year to the same team we are now facing on Sunday. While there has been changes in the lineup, I am honored to be part of the team, something I wasn’t really expecting considering there are a lot of young legs than me, and additionally, my prone to injury, owing to age and wear and tear of my body.

I do not play a vital role in this team. Just a supporter as far as I am concerned. My last hamstring injury is still hurting, and an added groin injury I suffered two weeks ago has rendered me totally a spectator. I am totally out of shape, I can’t even last one quarter with the young turks. Cheering them on, supporting my teammates in whichever way I can is what I can best do at this point. But regardless of what happens, I know we can come on top. I have never been so confident on my teammates compared to before. This is ours for the taking and ours to lose.

I have lost interest in inviting friends and colleagues of the school. Perhaps they do not share the same commitment as I have for the school. If in the second game I was persistent, for this final trooping to the court, I chose not to bother. All I care about now is to be with my team till the end. I will not be drawn to begging and soliciting support, for I know the team can function without it. We got this far without such support, and all I wanted was to share with them the distinction of being the best. Whatever happens on Sunday, win or lose, I am proud of this team. Heads held up high, and sing that alma matter song for possibly the last time. To the guys, it has been a privilege working with you!

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