Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Baby is now a Lady

Slowly and surely, my daughter is being exposed to the outside world. Meeting new friends, both boys and girls, giggles and laughter from some mischievous things, slowly knowing the need to focus on her studies and prove to people who doubted her that she is more than what they think.

She has occasional faults, sometimes taking these things for granted. I don’t blame her. This is the stage of balancing fun with responsibility. But I do get surprised at her, how she is able to raise funds on her own to be able to go on camps, malling with her friends. I keep on wondering how she does it.

During my birthday last week, she got me a cake, her favorite cake of course! Hahaha. And a card which contained a message which brought tears in my eyes. She does not know it, but through that card, I was able to see something that she inherited from me that I would want her to pursue. My knack of getting quotes and expounding on them, this was something I never thought Vanessa would do. And I am proud! I just pray she continues it, besides, she is more than everything to me, and though I am not vocal about it, I hope that through my actions and commitment to being a complete parent, she would appreciate it if not now, then one day.

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