Friday, March 31, 2006

Measuring and Value of Friends and Partners

Up to what extent can you measure the value or depth of friendship by people around you? How would you be able to properly determine the purpose of friendship? Are you dispensable? In times of needs, who would be around to stand with you? Are you being used or abused?

Questions, questions and more questions. Most of us meet new people everyday, especially for us who are active in social gatherings and activities both in the professional or personal aspect. Business or pleasure, there will always be people around to test the waters and in most cases classify as to what level of acquaintance you are to them. There are of course people like me, the gullible ones who give their all out trust. Cheerful and who can easily fit into a crowd, that certain circle of friends will not be around for long. Maybe one or two, but ever since my high school days, I have only chosen to keep a few. It is no secret that most of the people I knew then until now are only around in times of need. If they have use for you, expect them to be around, but after that, expect them to disappear. This scenario can be likened to something like to a child, if they ask you to come out and play, you play, but when it is your turn, one of among the millions of excuses will be heard. The verdict? Plain and simple, these people always want to be on the advantage. For them, there is no room for failure. Misunderstanding or misinterpretation? I don’t think so. This can go on as far as your partner in life, regardless if you are married or not. Think of it, why would someone stay with you if you only give them burdens like fights, quarrels etc.

This may sound like sour grapes from a complete stranger, but hey have you ever stopped and thought bout it? Surely you don’t think that all people are angels who have clear consciences. Whether they admit it or not is pointless. As in standard practice, they will always deny it, something that most people are good at. It may even come to a point where they would reverse the fortunes and make you look the bad guy. In my opinion, who cares?

I only have a couple of best friends. People who are always there in times of need. They don’t care on who you are, what you look like, or what your past is. Sad to say, I have made mistakes. First impressions, making you think you were special. But once you are a has been, they leave you out in the cold.

My resolution? Well, for me, move on and start staying away. Real friends will be there no matter what. Some things are best left unfinished. I think it’s high time to stop making myself believe that these people are special to me and vice versa. Life is so short and I have all the riches a man, father, colleague and son could have. For my FORMER friends whom I had high regards, it was nice knowing you. Sometimes, users and pretenders will have their day in court. Just don’t expect me to be as forgiving and understanding when that time comes.

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