Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Loving Algebra, Trigonometry and Mathematics

I recall the days when I can call myself a nerd in some ways. Focused on my studies, aiming for high grades and joining quiz bee contests, especially Mathematics, yes mathematics as in algebra, geometry and trigonometry. For me these subjects were like playtime as I rarely studies and considered it a game of mix and match.

It was something my parents back then were proud of. I barely wanted to use a calculator and wanted to do calculate things manually. I really can’t explain my technique. It was like being programmed in my mind such as the usual a+b=c or x(y+1)=xy+x. All were stored in my memory and I think it was really more on interest that lead me to breeze through these subjects. I even took up statistics for elective, much of my classmates then were from the cream of the crop, accelerated students.

The other day, Vanessa was telling me about her remedial classes in Trigonometry. Somehow I got caught back, when she recited some squared numbers like 25 x 25 = 625. To be honest, I had to think now hahaha. Not as fast as I used to be. And now it seems like she is slowly getting the hang of it. In a way I see myself in her, but she still lacks the commitment and discipline to understand how it all works. I believe she can be the best in her class if she chooses to, but that may be pushing it a bit. After a year she will be in college, and I hope that she learns that one day, all these things will be gone and she will have all the time in the world for friends and other activities she longs to do. For the moment, it is a matter of sticking to the basics of growing up and gaining education. Because one day, she will truly be looking back and wanting to learn more and prove not only to me but to the people who are putting her down, that she is truly gifted with wisdom and can be the best if she wants it badly.

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