Monday, March 20, 2006

Facing Tomorrow and Moving Forward

Call it a matter of being childish, or just simply trying to be strong and ignore something that meant so much to me. Yes a person is what I am referring to, but taking into account everything, all information, pros and cons, I need to show her I am strong. Besides, the chances of her knowing how much I care and well if given the chance, to actually show her that I care for her much more than I do to myself is no where in site. I guess, our worlds will never meet. I wouldn’t blame her, she has a promising career ahead, and well, she has beauty, looks, money, practically everything. So why bother having me around.

I am not used to this. I would often bow my head, flash her a smile even if deep inside I am hurting since I know that I cannot have her. Being technically married is among them. But one thing that is for sure, she cannot step beyond my relationship with my beloved daughter. No one can! I will never replace my love and relationship for my daughter with anyone else, even if it means staying alone till I grow old.

Its time to admit, she is better off with someone with less complications. All I have of her is a dream, somewhere where even the impossible can come true. I guess its just for the best. Why settle for a used has been when you can get a clean slated person to share your life with. Farewell to you my friend, but I think I have to move on with a heavy heart… if you still care.

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